Credit Management Services
Professional Banking Services Since 1976
Top 5 Reasons to use CMS for your Bank's ongoing credit review:
  1. We are the very best at delivering quality Credit Review. We accomplish this by providing the highest caliber advisory staff who stay abreast of ever-changing regulations and provide constructive feedback to clients when potential issues are identified.
  3. We have been providing independent loan review services throughout the Western U.S. since 1976.
  5. Collectively, our advisory staff has over TWO CENTURIES of credit experience in banking and auditing services.
  7. Like most community banks, we pride ourselves on service. We try to use the same core team of auditors at each review to control timely and quality service.
  9. Because we work with so many different banks each year, we have a strong feel for the "pulse" of regulatory expectations as well as changes in industry processes that often offer potential improvements in effectiveness and efficiency as it relates to credit portfolio management.
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Credit Management Services is the oldest independent credit review organization in the Western United States. We began in 1976 as Pace and Associates. The business, along with our client base, has grown from there. We currently perform credit review services in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Maryland, Guam, and Mexico at over 40 institutions ranging in size from $200MM to $24B.

If you are looking for a quality advisory partner related to your credit portfolio, there is no better option than CMS. We focus solely on credit-related work as opposed to trying to be everything to every client. That specialization has allowed us to become the preferred provider for many of your peers. We view each of our clients as partners and strive to help them improve credit processes and stay abreast of regulatory expectations.

Our credit review process is designed for efficient and effective quality analysis. The scope of our work will provide your company with a prudent evaluation of loan quality, documentation, collateral positions, covenant monitoring, capacity to repay, along with potential process improvements.
CMS fulfills the Bank's need to conduct ongoing, independent credit review as mandated by Federal and State Regulations.

We would embrace the opportunity to discuss your bank's credit review needs. Please call Brian at (714) 722-4066 for additional information, references, or pricing details.